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IMBI People

IMBI Administration

Rudolf A. Raff, Ph.D.

(812) 855-4183

Cindy Hughes
Finance Manager

(812) 856-2607

Karen Byers
Purchasing Representative

(812) 855-9941

Bill Cain
Accounting Representative
(812) 855-5250

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IMBI Staff

Lawrence Washington
DNA Facility Manager
(812) 855-8915

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IMBI Fellows

  • Justen Andrews: Drosophila functional genomics.
  • Carl Bauer: Molecular biology of photosynthesis; Regulation of photosynthesis gene expression; Biosynthesis of chlorophyll; Phototaxis.
  • J. Jose Bonner : Genetic and molecular analysis of the heat shock response.
  • Yves V. Brun : Mechanisms and regulation of bacterial cell division and differentiation.
  • Lingling Chen : Structural studies of protein-protein interactions in GroEL-mediated protein folding process and host-pathogen communications.
  • Lucy Cherbas: Steroid-regulated gene expression in the development of Drosophila; Genetic methods for Drosophila cell lines.
  • Peter Cherbas : Steroid-regulated gene expression in the development of Drosophila; Genetic methods for Drosophila cell lines.
  • Yean W. Chooi Odle: Eucaryotic ribosome biogenesis, autoimmune diseases, and cytokine action.
  • Keith Clay: Evolutionary Biology of Plants. Plant/Fungal Interactions. Coevolution.
  • David Daleke : Structure and organization of biological membranes; Phospholipid transporters; Effect of diabetes on membrane structure.
  • Lynda Delph : Evolutionary ecology, plant reproductive biology.
  • Greg Demas : Behavioral endocrinology; neuroendocrine-immune interactions; biological rhythms; seasonality; aggression.
  • Thomas F. Donahue : Genetic, molecular and biochemical analysis of translation initiation in yeast.
  • Jim Drummond : Biochemistry of DNA repair and metabolism.
  • Viola Ellison: Human chromosome duplication and maintenance of genome integrity.
  • John G. Foley: The role of PTHrP in skin biology.
  • Pat Foster : Mutagenesis, DNA replication and recombination.
  • Wayne Forrester : Mechanisms of directed cell migration in C. elegans.
  • Clay Fuqua : Molecular biology of Agrobacterium tumefaciens: Intercellular signalling during pathogenesis.
  • Roger Hangarter: Plant physiology: mechanisms of photomorphogenesis and hormonal regulation of plant development.
  • Richard Hardy : Genome functions of RNA viruses and the roles of trans-acting factors.
  • George Hegeman: Microbial biochemistry, evolution of bacterial enzyme systems, and general microbiology.
  • Roger Innes: Molecular genetics of plant/pathogen interactions.
  • Frederika Kaestle: Ancient DNA, Human Genetics, Population Genetics, Phylogenetics, Prehistoric Population Movement, Americas, Siberia, Pacific.
  • Thomas Kaufman : Cytogenetics, developmental genetics, and molecular genetics of Drosophila.
  • David M. Kehoe : Molecular genetics of light regulated signal transduction.
  • Justin Kumar : Specification of the fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster, compound eye.
  • Michael Lynch : Evolution of molecules, genome structure, and phenotypes.
  • George Malacinski: Developmental genetics and molecular embryology of various amphibian systems.
  • Anthony Mescher : Developmental Biology; Regenerative Growth.
  • Scott Michaels: Molecular genetics of flowering time regulation in Arabidopsis and other species.
  • Tai Min: Molecular mechanisms of Down syndrome, neurological disorders, and aging.
  • Armin Moczek: Evolution, development and ecology of insects.
  • Tuli Mukhopadhyay: Structure and assembly of enveloped, RNA viruses.
  • Anton W. Neff : Patterning molecules in embryonic development, regeneration and metastasis.
  • Kenneth Nephew : Molecular classification of ovarian and breast cancer; epigenetics; Female reproductive tract; Spinal cord.
  • Martha G. Oakley : Biochemistry and bioorganic chemistry.
  • Jeffrey D. Palmer: Molecular evolution; Origin and evolution of introns and organelle genomes.
  • Flynn Picardal : Environmental microbiology, microbial geochemistry, and bioremediation.
  • Elizabeth C. Raff : The control of microtubule function in vivo.
  • Rudolf A. Raff: Evolutionary developmental biology and evolution of animal body plans.
  • John D. Richardson : Biological chemistry.
  • Loren H. Rieseberg: Plant evolutionary genetics; systematics; reproductive biology; speciation;conservation genetics.
  • Troy Smith : Neural and hormonal control of reproductive and communication behavior; ion channels and membrane excitability; motor pattern generation.
  • David Stocum : Cell and developmental biology: tissue differentiation in developing systems.
  • Stefan J. Surzycki: Physical mapping of chloroplast DNA of Chlamydomonas reinhardti and its expression.
  • Michael J. Wade Evolution in Metapopulations; Genetic basis of speciation in Tribolium; Epistasis; Evolutionary genetics of maternal effects; Sexual selection and alternative male mating strategies; Coevolution of arthropod hosts and Wolbachia endosymbionts.
  • Claire E. Walczak : Molecular mechanisms of mitosis.
  • Malcolm Winkler : The physiology, molecular genetics, stress responses, and pathogenesis of the gram-positive human respiratory pathogenic bacterium Streptococcus pneumoniae.
  • Joel Ybe : X-ray crystallographic and biochemical studies of membrane vesicle protein coats.
  • Miriam E. Zolan : Meiosis and DNA repair.

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