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About the IMBI

The Indiana Molecular Biology Institute was established in 1983 to foster excellence in molecular biology disciplines at Indiana University Bloomington. The Institute Fellows are drawn from the faculties of Anthropology, Biology, Chemistry, Medical Sciences, Optometry, and SPEA on the Bloomington campus, and the Department of Biology at Indiana University's Medical School on the Indianapolis campus. Their research programs cover a spectrum of vital areas including nucleic acid technologies, regulation of gene expression, cell, developmental, genetics and molecular biology, molecular evolution, microbiology, and biochemistry.

The Institute has focused its efforts on providing molecular biology facilities and on bringing resources to the research community. These efforts became centered on a project to complete the renovation of Myers Hall, on the IU Bloomington campus, which would provide additional space for research labs and our major technical facilities. In 2001 the Institute occupied the newly renovated Myers Hall, a state-of-the-art building that currently houses researchers from seven departments and programs, and provides space for 15 faculty research labs, three shared-use instrumentation facilities, and a lab for the study of ancient DNA.

In addition, the Institute has continued to develop state of the art facilities for multiple researcher use. These facilities include the DNA facility, the Microscopy facility, an insect cell culture facility, and a BL3 tissue culture facility. Please explore the site for details and contact information

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